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Past Continuous


Past Continuous: Poems (Paperback)

By Brian Burt |

In plain-spoken, lyrical verse infused with unwavering personal reflection, this absorbing first collection from Brian Burt explores poetry’s great concerns—death, love, regret, grief, memory, and, above all, language itself: “It’s inflection / that we understand, not meaning.” The poems in Past Continuous probe the myriad points where landscape and memory, language and history, collide, summoning our deepest interiors. Burt’s poems transport us from the farmlands of the American Midwest, to the Rhine valley in Germany, to rural New England, with quiet assurance, clarity, and compassion.
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History of Waltham Series Publication #5



The Lost Diary of Roy D. Jones

In 1900 a servant to a well-to-do family in Waltham, Massachusetts, enlisted in the United States Navy. For three years, the young sailor, Roy D. Jones, traveled the world, from Boston to China and back again.  In this lost diary, Jones recounts his first year at sea, telling hilarious, unfortunate, and fascinating tales from ports of call, from Tangiers to Barbados.  Abrupt in its ending, and never completed, Jones' diary is nonetheless an engrossing, unparalleled window into the rough and tumble United States Navy at the turn of the twentieth century.

This edition, which is slightly modified with punctuation for ease of reading, contains illustrations and images from the original diary.


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